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Guided biofilm therapy – taking Somerset by storm!

In this exclusive interview, we hear from Sarah Pead of Forward Dental Care in Martock to gain insight into the difference guided biofilm therapy is making to the community there.

Can you tell us a bit about the practice?

Forward Dental Care relocated to larger, new, state-of-the-art premises in June 2022. We are committed to creating healthy smiles and so offer a range of private dental treatments. These range from routine checkups, fillings, crowns and implants to full mouth rebuilds and makeovers.

We are also a referral centre offering periodontal therapy, endodontics, full mouth rehabilitation and implants.

Then there is the dental hygiene department, focusing on prevention. We are dedicated to helping our patients maintain ideal oral health, ensuring their comfort and peace of mind during treatment.

The dental practice and team are constantly evolving and improving the care we offer to meet the high standards we have set for ourselves.

Is that why you chose to bring guided biofilm therapy (GBT) into the practice?

Initially, we heard about GBT from other colleagues who had used it. Also, by speaking to clients who had experienced the treatment protocol.

We realised that while traditional dental hygiene methods tend to be a bit invasive and uncomfortable, this new method was effective and comfortable – two elements of care that we feel very strongly about.

We also recognise that many patients are anxious about visiting a dental practice. With GBT enabling a pain-free, relaxing experience from start to finish, it’s an absolute game-changer for our worried clients.

Gone are the days of sharp or noisy dental hygiene instruments. Many patients compare the AIRFLOW system to a comfortable and relaxing spa treatment. Before they know it, their treatment is finished, and they are free to leave with a sparkling-clean smile.

In addition, because of GBT’s efficiency, it allows more time for the dental hygienist or dental therapist to write the must-have comprehensive notes and scores contemporaneously.

Lastly, from a practice owner’s perspective, the return on investment is also very welcome.

What was the training day like for you and your team?

Ours was a bit out of the ordinary. It was split over two days after we had the system installed. Over that time, our trainer was brilliant and very happy to receive emails requesting advice after the event.

The training gave the clinical team using GBT confidence in their equipment and lots of tips were shared with us on how to promote it to clients.

Now, using online, social media and in-practice information and promotion, we are helping clients to see that GBT elevates the practice’s oral health offering.

We also offer a trial of AIRFLOW on a couple of teeth for clients to ‘try before they buy’. We have plans to expand this in the coming months to ensure everyone on our list gets the chance to join us on this preventive journey.

How important is GBT in terms of your treatment workflow?

As in every dental practice, workflow is time dependent. We still book the same amount of time, so it has no impact on treatment workflow directly. For new clients, however, it provides a very pleasant first experience, setting the scene well for future appointments.

How does GBT fit in with your overall ethos?

It’s top of the tree; ‘pain-free dentistry’ as much as possible. At Forward Dental Care, we aim to make our patients as welcome and relaxed as possible.

We really are on their side, and we will provide them with the best care in the kindest way possible, working with them to help them through any treatments that may be necessary. Guided biofilm therapy is a great start for that.

In addition, we work hard to stay ahead, we keep up to date with the latest guidelines and continual professional development.

We also invest in the latest technology and equipment to provide outstanding and safe treatment.

What do you like best about GBT?

The patients’ response to this new provision of exceptional care is wonderful. I also love that through its use I am looking after my team, as there is much less chance of work-related injuries etc, after years of scaling.

What advice would you offer to any fellow dental professionals thinking about making the move to GBT?

Book a free in-practice, hands-on demo to find out what it’s really all about. You’ll find out about the protocol itself, as well as the clinical and financial benefits. I’d also suggest booking on a GBT course to find out more, and experience it for yourself at some point, if you can.

Guided biofilm therapy provides a gentle alternative, helping patients maintain a healthy oral environment without compromising on comfort or effectiveness. Why wouldn’t you want that for your patients?

Guided biofilm therapy (GBT) in 8 simple steps

  1. Assess – probe and screen every clinical case
  2. Disclose – make biofilm visible
  3. Motivate – raise awareness and teach
  4. AirFlow – remove biofilm, stains and early calculus
  5. PerioFlow – remove biofilm in >4 to 9 mm pockets
  6. Piezon No Pain – remove remaining calculus
  7. Check – make your patient smile
  8. Recall – a healthy patient equals a happy patient.

Happy and healthy patients, successful clinicians, and passionate partners – this is EMS’ mission, and you are invited to join the guided biofilm therapy movement in changing the face of preventive dentistry in the UK. For further information, simply visit

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