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When it comes to losing weight, or attempting to at least, most people will know that it boils down to one thing: calories in versus calories out. CICO refers to the concept of creating a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories than you burn each day. Now, how you go about that is up to you. Some will hit the gym hard; others will jump on the latest fad diet.

Then there’s Guy Ritchie, the 55-year-old director, producer and screenwriter.

Best known for his work on British gangster films like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Sherlock Holmes and Aladdin, Ritchie, who has a black belt in Shotokan, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, attributes his weight loss to eating steak. Just steak. Five nights a week.

Speaking on Ruthie’s Table 4 podcast, while promoting his latest project, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, which stars Henry Cavill and is out early 2024, Ritchie said: ‘Usually what I eat is a rib eye five or six days a week and I’ll play with other things, but in the end it’s easy for me to cook.

‘I like the fat, I like the crispiness of the fat, it seems to be the right ratio of fat and meat for me. I want it to be crispy and then I’m in heaven and it never gets boring. I’m not a breakfast man and I’ve lost a stone which I’m quite smug about. It’s not been a struggle. I eat late.’

Ritchie went on to explain that his diet doesn’t just consist of slabs of red meat a night – phew – and that he does vary his diet in between meals.

‘I spend most of my life expanding,’ said Ritchie. ‘But I’m on contracting mode at the moment. I quite like coffee so I’ll go on iced Americanos until about one and then I’ll have a nibble of something.

‘They do these healthy bars, like dates, cashew nuts, they’ve got just enough naughtiness in them to keep you entertained but not enough to get you in trouble.’

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What Our Nutritionist Has to Say about Ritchie’s Diet Habits:

‘While steak can be a high protein addition to your diet which can be satiating, it is important to note the high saturated fat content can have negative health effects, so it should only be included in your diet in moderation,’ explains Kate Neudecker, Men’s Health fitness writer and nutritionist. ‘A diet high in saturated fat, particularly in the absence of fibre, has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease.

reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseasecolon cancer
‘Ritchie also mentions he , also referred to as intermittent fasting. This can be a simple way of reducing total daily calorie intake for some. Some who follow the method report improved mental clarity and appetite control. However it’s important to weigh up if the method of eating is right for you, as there can be negative effects on your relationship with food, with side effects such as headaches and brain fog.’

‘While Ritchie doesn’t specify the remainder of his diet, to support health it would be sensible to include fruit, vegetables and whole grains as they are important sources of fibre, which have also been shown to and .
utilises time-restricted eating

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