Health Care Roundup: Market Talk

Updated Dec. 5, 2023 4:58 pm ET

The latest Market Talks covering the Health Care sector. Published exclusively on Dow Jones Newswires at 4:20 ET, 12:20 ET and 16:50 ET.

1253 ET – Hospitals that ran afoul of lenders in the last year are running out of time to turn around operations. Lenders to nonprofit and public hospitals may have municipal bond agreements that postpone penalties when borrowers initially fail to meet periodic financial targets. Borrowers that continue to miss targets, however, may face accelerated bond payments, Fitch Ratings says. “That second year is when the hammers potentially could come out,” Fitch analyst Kevin Holloran says. “So we’re going to watch that very, very closely this year.” Fitch’s 2024 outlook for the nonprofit hospital sector is deteriorating with continued labor shortages, the credit rating agency says. (

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