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Heatwave And Mental Health: How Does Intense Heat Impact Or Trigger Mental Illnesses?

Intense heat makes it difficult for people with already existing mental illnesses to cope with it and it may also trigger mental disorders. Let us learn more about the link between the two.

Heatwave And Mental Health: How Does Intense Heat Impact Or Trigger Mental Illnesses?

Extreme heatwaves not only have a physical impact on your body but also a mental impact. Climate change has been causing havoc across the world including India. Many other countries are also witnessing record temperatures and in India, the recent highest temperature was recorded at 52 degree Celsius in the North. A warning for every one, intense heat could have a severe impact on your mental health as well and this is way this subject requires more awareness and extra precautionary measures.

How does heat impact mental health? Firstly, we are all aware of how extreme heat can lead to heat stress, exhaustion and stroke. On top of that, people may also suffer from sleepless nights due to the uncomfortable temperature and they may feel constantly irritated and agitated. These reactions to heat are actually very normal as it does not allow your brain to function normally and it also impacts your mood.

Heatwave May Impact The Mental Health Of These People

  • People suffering from chronic illness.
  • People suffering from dementia. It may lead to hospitalisaton and death.
  • People who are experiencing financial challenges.
  • People with preexisting mental health conditions.
  • Pregnant women may get affected by heat.
  • People who suffer from substance abuse problems.

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