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Here's Why Tim Tszyu Prefers Errol Spence Over Crawford

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Glen Jennings, manager of Tim Tszyu. Told Nestor Gibbs of Tha Boxing Voice, that Tim Tszyu would consider vacating the WBO title. In order to make an Errol Spence fight at 154.

But he prefers to table that conversation until Monday. He did say they are willing to fight Crawford next,. But being able to go in with Spence first is just from a Manager’s stand point.

It appears that Tim Tszyu and his team is having second thoughts about fighting Crawford. Although Tm Tszyu is not a PBC fighter. He only fights fighters from the PBC.

Now that Crawford has officially activated his WBO Super status at 154. It’s safe to say that’s where his next fight will be. This seems like the same ole playbook from the PBC as it relates to Crawford.

If Tim Tsyzu can beat Fundora this Saturday. He would be the unified champion at 154. Holding the WBO and the WBC vacant title.

Paco, who s the president of the WBO confirmed Terence Crawford has been designated the WBO mandatory to Tim Tszyu’s WBO email title. But the safer route would be for Tim Tsyzu to face Errol Spence Jr.

Why? Because it’s an easier fight. Especially, after Errol Spence was brutally assaulted and battered by Terence Bud Crawford. And from a stylistic stand point…it makes sense.

Blue Bloods Sports TV feels this might be an attempt to black ball Terence Crawford because he doesn’t want to sign to the PBC. There might be some truth to that belief.

This is a way for Errol Spence to get a title shot versus Tszyu. But if Spence doesn’t win. Then what? There’s a good chance that Tszyu could give Spence his second loss.

Also… if Spence is damage goods. like his fans say he is. Then how can he beat Tim Tszyu? Spence fan have also said Errol is suffering from neurological damage from the car accident.

I say Spence suffered from neurological damage rom that a$$ whopping he received on July 29th in Las Vegas. But that’s neither here nor there.

So, Crawford will have to fight the next man up at 154 for the WBO strap if Timmy Boy drops the belt to avoid fighting his mandatory Terence Crawford.

Some feel that Tim is cherry picking Errol Spence… because he knows Spence coming off a devastating knockout loss to Crawford. Which resulted in Spence needing eye surgery.

Assuming Tim beats Sebastian Fundora. Do you think this is the right move by Tim Tszyu to duck his WBO mandatory Terence Crawford? Or do you feel Tim is moving strategically… according to Al Haymon and Floyd Mayweather’s plan?

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