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High protein diets may hamper endurance athlete performance, study finds

The team finds a high-carbohydrate and high-protein diet has opposing impacts on endurance performance in highly trained athlete populations.

“Reduced performance is linked with disturbance of microbial stasis in the gut,”​ the study concludes.

“We demonstrate bacteriophage communities are the most sensitive component of the gut microbiota to increased gut stress following dietary manipulation.”

Dr Justin Roberts, study co-author and Associate Professor in Health and Exercise Nutrition at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) adds: “We cannot be certain that the high amount of protein in the body was entirely responsible for the significant drop in time-trial performance.

“However, it was found that there were certainly changes to the gut microbiome following a short-term high-protein diet which appeared to be associated with performance.”

Study design

The double-blind, repeated-measures design randomised control trial (RCT) began looking at the link between performance and gut health in a group of highly trained endurance runners.

Performance outcome measures included gut bacterial, viral (FVP), and bacteriophage (IV) communities.

Findings revealed a high-dietary carbohydrate diet improved time-trial performance by +6.5% and was associated with expansion of Ruminococcus​ and Collinsella​ bacterial spp.

In contrast, high dietary protein led to a reduction in performance by −23.3% and was linked to reduced diversity and altered composition of the gut phageome.

The diet was also associated with the enrichment of the Sk1virus and Leuconostoc​ bacterial populations.

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