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Hilarious How to Potty Train a Toddler in 22 Easy Steps Video Goes Viral

What’s the scariest thing you can say to a parent of a toddler? (*Cue scary movie theme music here*) Two words: potty training. It’s true! Any parent who’s potty trained their child knows exactly what I’m talking about. One parent I know even says potty training is the “scariest milestone between birth and middle school.”

But take heart: If you are all about that potty training life right now, one dad definitely feels your pain.

Vlogger LaGuardia Cross has been chronicling the weird, wonderful world of parenting ever since the birth of his first child, Amalah, in 2014, and his videos are known for being honest, open and hilarious. His latest video tackles the challenges of potty training Amalah, who’s now 3, and is seriously funny. 

The first step, according to Cross? “Buy a potty and sit it in your bathroom for a year or two just to see what happens (Not much happens).”

Step 2: “Realize your daughter is about to turn three and that you never seriously took the time to potty train her. But you figure that if she tells you when her diaper is dirty, gives you a clean one and then disposes of the dirty one, then yeah, she’s probably ready.” (Good to know!)

Step 3: “Look over conflicting Google search results and pick one of the ones near the top, because that’s like, more legit or something, I dunno.” (Sounds legit.)

 Step 4: “Buy a big bag of bribe candy.” (Always a good idea!)

Step 5: “Lock yourself in your home, throw away the keys, hide all the diapers, put your child in underwear and commit to taking them to the bathroom every 20 minutes for one full day. Remind them that peeing in their underwear makes you question their love for you.”

By step 20, you’ll relate to Cross’ suggestion to “close yourself in a closet, question your parenting abilities and eat the bag of reward candy.”

Don’t worry: For all the sleep-deprived, desperate parents out there knee-deep in the throes of potty training, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and as Cross demonstrates, there’s nothing quite like the pride that comes over you when the process clicks and your tot is able to go to the bathroom by herself for the first time. In the meantime, watch the video (below) if you need a good laugh and check out What to Expect’s potty training 101 guide for answers to all your most pressing questions.


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