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How To Have An Easy Fall Pregnancy

Fall is just around the corner. And those who were pregnant during the summer are counting down the days until its arrival. This is because autumn comes with cooler days, fall festivities, opportunities for photo ops, time spent with friends, and delicious fall treats. All things that call for warmer clothing versus a bathing suit and saying goodbye to triple digits without having to deal with the frigidness of snow. Autumn truly is a wonderful time to be pregnant, especially if moms-to-be are prepared with all they need for an easy-breezy fall pregnancy.


For women who have just suffered through a sweltering summer, the promise of fall being dramatically cooler is music to their ears. And for those just starting off their pregnancy journey, they are in for a treat as well. Not having to spend the day perspiring, going outside whenever the mood strikes and not being fearful of heatstroke, or the possibility of sleeping better with shorter days and longer nights all sound like perfection to those expecting, regardless of which trimester women are in. As such, it is no wonder that fall is such a magical season for pregnant women. A season that goes by much too fast for mothers-to-be.

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Here is what moms-to-be need for an easy-breezy fall pregnancy.

Plenty Of Rest

During pregnancy, women need to get their sleep to be as healthy as they can be for themselves and their babies. This means, according to Healthline, getting seven to nine hours of sleep nightly. Something that can be easier said than done during the last trimester. But with less daylight and more darkness, perhaps it can be made easier.

According to 5 News, the days begin to lose one to three minutes of daylight daily as winter makes its way toward spring. This means that by the time the last day of fall rolls around, that is anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes of darker morning skies that make for better sleeping. Something that will definitely help get those hours of sleep so necessary for pregnant women and their babies.

Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are one of the most versatile pieces of maternity clothing there is for mothers-to-be. As such, for a fantastic fall pregnancy, owning a few pairs is a must.

With leggings being made from compression wear and a variety of materials, they can be worn under dresses to keep legs warm or on their own to make a statement outfit on their own. And because they take on a new look if they are worn with flats or boots, maternity leggings are a must for those expecting.

Warm Decaf Beverages

Most women either cut back on or completely stop drinking caffeine when they are pregnant. As such, they may think they are missing out on warm decaf beverages so popular this time of year. But fear not! Just about any and every pumpkin spice, apple, tea or coffee-based beverage can be made caffeine-free. And because of this, those expecting can partake in a delicious fall beverage when the mood strikes.

Cooler Weather

After dealing with temperatures that likely soared into the triple-digits during the summer, many pregnant women get to enjoy much cooler temperatures during autumn.

According to Current Results, the temperatures in the US range from just under 26.7 F (Alaska) to just 72.7 F (Florida). Making the weather comfortable to be out in during the day and requiring a sweater at night. Something that is much appreciated after just battling through July and August while expecting.

More Time Outdoors

With there being less sunlight as the days get shorter, there is less vitamin D for women to be exposed to during the day. As such, to keep the pregnancy running smoothly, women will need to get outdoors more often to absorb vitamin D. Something that they should not have a problem with, given the more moderate temperatures.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, women need to get 4,000 IU of vitamin D daily. Some of which is gotten through diet. However, the rest is received via sunlight.

This does not mean that women need to spend hours in the sun when they are pregnant. Instead, all it takes is five to 10 minutes a few times per week in the sun and those expecting will get the levels of vitamin D they need for an easy-breezy fall pregnancy.

Source: 5 News, Healthline, Current Results, American Pregnancy Association

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