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How To Seamlessly Add Probiotics Into Your Diet

Adding probiotics to your diet is not a challenging task; you’ll find that many of the foods you already enjoy contain plenty of probiotics. Dr. Axe recommends several ways you can naturally add probiotics without completely changing your diet, often through substituting everyday items. Probiotic-rich foods include raw milk, tempeh, kombucha, and apple cider vinegar, and these can be introduced easily. For example, you can swap out soft drinks for kombucha or have raw milk and cheese instead of processed milk and cheese. Probiotic yogurt is another popular item that you can easily incorporate into your daily life as a way to get your probiotics.

Living Goodness suggests adding fermented vegetables to your meals as a way to get probiotics (and add some flavor and spice to your meals). Sauerkraut is a popular food to add good bacteria to your body and is commonly used in meals, as is kimchi. It isn’t necessary to fill all of your meals with these items, but slowly substituting a few ingredients will help your body obtain more good bacteria.

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