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How Tru Niagen Supports the NAD+ Pathway for a Healthy Lifestyle

Dr. David Katz, founder of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, former Director of Yale University’s Yale Griffin Prevention Research Center Clinical Research Lab, and member of the ChromaDex/Tru Niagen scientific advisory board, introduces the value of Tru Niagen for a healthy lifestyle and to address a root cause of aging.

Tru Niagen is a multi-award-winning supplement that promotes healthy aging, heart health (in combination with a healthy lifestyle), muscle health and recovery, cellular energy production and repair, brain health, management of lifestyle stressors (think sleep disruption, overtraining, sun exposure, poor diet, excess alcohol consumption, environmental pollutionβ€”not mental stress), and more.

Designed to help transform the way you age by boosting cellular NAD+, which is vital to life as we know it. Made for those who want to age smarter, healthier, and more joyfully than anyone ever thought possible. Superior to other NAD+ boosters like NMN, recognized by the United States FDA, backed by over 300 scientific studies and a scientific advisory board featuring 2 Nobel Prize winners.

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