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‘I Constantly Think About Barry Keoghan’

Lying about being busy at work, faking tummy troubles to get some alone time, nodding while politely tuning out your husband… these are all things you might not post about on a carefully curated Instagram feed. But they’re perfect for the Scary Mommy Confessional, where less polished (and more relatable) truths come out. Read on for posts about money worries, nasty MILs, celebrity obsessions, and more.

Scary Mommy Confessions are a tried-and-true part of what makes our site so fun. If you want to anonymously confess, please tell all through the link here. And if you want to browse past Confessions, head here.

I would be fine never having sex again in my life

Confessional #78194857

Sometimes I wear ear plugs and just nod and smile when my husband talks

Confessional #77819298

I married for love and not money, sometimes wish I’d factored in the money a bit more

Confessional #71827655

Sometimes I lie about how busy I am at work to guilt my husband into sick kid day duty

Confessional #71029300

I just bought myself a giant assorted chocolate heart and ate every piece in my car.

Confessional #71829388

I worry about $ constantly, and my SO doesn’t seem to care or notice

Confessional #71829389

I think my MIL thinks she can take care of my baby better than I can. It’s annoying

Confessional #71090928

We’re having trouble conceiving and everyone around me is pregnant

Confessional #71628276

I miss being young and single

Confessional #71098283

Sometimes think being a SAHM mom is mentally harder than a working mom. I’ve been both

Confessional #71818724

I hate that I can’t split myself in half for my 2 year old and 6 week old

Confessional #76387691

My husband is so bad at gift giving it makes me dread holidays

Confessional #76819958

I hate my husband’s CONSTANT farting and burping. It’s such a turn off!

Confessional #71829201

I tell my husband I have horrible diarrhea when I want a solid hour alone in the bathroom.

Confessional #71928059

Sometimes I miss my ex-husband. Don’t tell my boyfriend

Confessional #71829485

My MIL is nice to my face but a snake behind my back

Confessional #71826547

I hate reading bedtime stories.

Confessional #77182938

Having a miscarriage and trying to keep it together

Confessional #74340192

I feel like parenting is a soul crushing break up waiting 20 years to happen.

Confessional #78176253

I pack carrots in my kids lunches I know they won’t eat so their lunches don’t look bad

Confessional #76715629

I constantly think about Barry Keoghan & it’s driving me crazy!

Confessional #70298394

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