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IAU College of Medicine, St. Lucia. White Coat Ceremony May 2011. News Report

Six students of the International American University College of Medicine (IAUCOM) were awarded by the
school at its 17th White Coat ceremony where 26 students were formally enrolled.

The momentous occasion which was held at the Kimatrai hotel in Vieux-Fort last Friday, symbolizes the
commencement of the students career in medicine and their formal enrollment at the school.

The students who were awarded were Jawed Salim, Sacha Kumar and James Stewart who all received a score of
99 percentile in the United States Medical Licensing Exams (USLME) both Step1 and Step 2, Natasha Suleman
who received a score of 99 percentile in the USMLE Step1 exam, Charles Vining who performed excellently in
Biochemistry and Histology in the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) and Asfand Khan who also
performed with distinction in Microbiology in the NBME exam. Salim, Kumar and Stewart had also preformed
exceedingly well in previous NBME exams.

The presentation was made by Government senator, Dr. Gail Rigobert who was the Guest of Honour at the

The awardees spoke about the school in glowing terms, showering it with praises for its commitment to their


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