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I’m a gym girl – my diet and exercise secrets ‘transformed my body like no other,’ now I’m sharing them

A FITNESS fan has revealed her go-to regimen for achieving the figure of her dreams.

She said her diet and exercise plan transformed her entire look.

Daria is a digital content creator and fitness fan who shared her glow-up on TikTokCredit: TikTok / yourfavegymbestie

Daria (@yourfavegymbestie) shared a video of herself prior to the glow-up.

“Watch me transform my body like no other,” she said.

She took off a waist trainer belt, pouring sweat from a clearly strenuous work out.

Next, she revealed chiseled abs and increased muscle definition.

The gym girl appeared to be more confident with her new physique as she posed for the camera.

“Fitness changes lives,” she added in the caption.

She suggested following her fitness and nutrition coaching, linking a YouTube video of her dedicated regimen as well as her personalized training program.

In the video, Daria revealed that she hits the weights with a warm-up, followed by “slow and controlled” weight-lifting, and finishes off with “30 minutes of cardio on the StairMaster.”

Her post-workout meal consisted of “chicken, asparagus, and sweet potato.”

The video came as part of a popular trend of fitness influencers sharing how working out changed their lives.

Many gym-goers are sharing the power of exercise, even candidly documenting their glow-up.

Daria’s video stunned viewers, who shared their thoughts on her transformation.

“It’s not the sweat belt,” one wrote. “You simply need to eat plenty of real whole foods, but in a calorie deficit and lift three to five days a week.”

“This one,” Daria replied. “The sweat belt simply gets rid of water retention put on throughout the day.

“Babes nutrition is [key] add in lifting and cardio and you’re gold.”

“Hard work and dedication ladies,” another added. “So proud of you girl.”

“Wow this is amazing,” a third commented. “You’re inspiring.”

She revealed her look after adopting a disciplined nutrition and exercise regimenCredit: TikTok / yourfavegymbestie
The fitness junkie stunned in her after photos, clearly showing that she put in hard work to achieve her figureCredit: TikTok / yourfavegymbestie
Daria dazzled viewers in a red sports bra and gray sweatpants paired with white sneakersCredit: TikTok / yourfavegymbestie
She revealed her chiseled abs, which she achieved through weight training and healthy eatingCredit: TikTok / yourfavegymbestie

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