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I’m a gynaecologist and would never use any products labelled ‘sensitive’ down there

IT can be difficult to know how to care for ‘down there’, with all kinds of things triggering thrush and UTIs – seemingly at random.

One gynecologist has revealed the things women should avoid – irrespective of what feminine care companies might tell you.

Dr Staci shared what products to avoid using down thereCredit: TikTok / dr.staci.t
The Tiktok video has gone viral for it surprising list which everyday items.Credit: TikTok / dr.staci.t

Though we wouldn’t usually trust medical advice shared on social media, this list comes from Dr Staci Tanouye – a US based and board certified gynecologist.

Whilst she admits that everyone is different, the sexual health expert gave an extensive list of products she avoids to keep her vagina healthy and happy.

Before your next trip to Boots, you might want to check the doctor’s Tiktok video as there is one period product she refuses to use.

In fact, she urged users to avoid putting anything scented near their sensitive area.

“I would never use any scented or fragranced pads or tampons,” she explained, adding: “And yes, this includes essential oils!…That is a no go for me!”

According to Dr Staci, these can often be a contact irritant and make the delicate skin in the area, especially the vulvar, itchy.

Shockingly, she revealed that even products labelled as ‘sensitive’ can still have these ingredients in them so it’s best to always check the label before checking out.

However, it’s not the only everyday item on her watch list and there were plenty of other surprising products too.

Despite mums regularly using them with little ones, the sex ed expert advises adults to stay away from wet wipes.

 “You would never find wet wipes in my bathroom,” she told her 1.4 million followers, saying: “…just like you don’t use them on your face, because it strips away the natural protectant oils…it does the same thing to the vulva.”

The medic then revealed that wet wipes can also deplete protect oils in the surrounding area as well – including the labia.

In the comments, she did state that wet wipes are safe to use on babies because as it’s unlikely to cause any sensitivity issues.

Finally, she suggested skipping the vaginal suppositories – especially those that contained boric acid.

Though these devices can be useful medical tools, Dr Staci revealed that they are used to treat particular conditions and overuse can lead to some less than pleasant side effects.

“We use boric acid suppositories in very specific situations of recurrent and resistant bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections,” she said.

Used over a lengthy period of time, these destroy your vagina’s natural bacteria and allow for antibiotics to be administered.

“Just using boric acid suppositories here and there because you think you need to is not doing what you think it’s doing,” she pointedly added.

Alarmingly, the sexual health expert revealed that there are many more products that can cause issues with your pubic area.

For those still feeling unsure about a certain product, it’s best to reach out to 111 or your local sexual health clinic for advice.

The more you know, eh?

Wet wipes were also on Dr Staci’s no-go list and have been banned from her bathroomCredit: TikTok / dr.staci.t
The medic said you should avoid using scent productsCredit: Getty

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