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Innovation in Global Healthcare, Medical Tourism & Wellness Tourism by Dr Prem Jagyasi | AR | VR

Recorded at HTI Conference in Rovinj Croatia 2017, Dr Prem discuss about growing trends of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Innovation, Future, MHealth (Mobile Health Apps) and Wearables in Global Healthcare and Medical Tourism Industry.

The future global healthcare industry is set for a total makeover with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications leading the treatment procedures. This is also enabling real-time knowledge and skill transfer to remotely-located medical students and specialists.
Global healthcare sector will value more on remote healthcare monitoring providing on-time treatment guidance reducing the treatment time and cost of the patients leading to quick recovery. Applications like Google Glasses, Eye Decide etc. are now being used helping patients avail real-time guidance in addressing a physical discomfort.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality gained wide applause through the ground breaking operation conducted by the cancer surgeon Dr Shafi Ahmed. He streamed a 360 degree view of the live operation globally through Virtual Reality allowing the active participation of a number of students and specialists. The pharma companies are using Augmented Reality in presenting a live 3-D version of the action of medications on the patient.

Mobile health is one of the fastest growing sectors that is about to touch $59.15 billion by 2020. Remote healthcare monitoring is dominating the MHealth sector with a 63.7% share and can reduce the treatment cost by 40%. The global wearable healthcare market will also account for $17.8 billion annual revenue. Wearable fitness trackers functioning in sync with smartphones are gaining popularity.
The future healthcare trend is targeted to combine wellness and fitness enabling a person to enjoy the pleasure of both mental and physical wellness through advanced digital applications.

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