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Institute for Quantum Medical Science

Institute for Quantum Medical Science

Our Purpose

Realization of a healthy and long-lived society with zero cancer deaths and zero dementia

As we progress towards a super-aging society, there is an increasing need to improve the quality of life. We are engaged in research and development for advanced radiotherapy technologies that allow more people to continue leading normal lives during and after cancer treatment. We also conduct research into improving diagnostic accuracy and treatment efficacy for psychiatric and neurological disorders, such as dementia, so that people can live long lives with healthier brains.

Our Research and Development

Enabling more people to continue their usual daily routine both during and after cancer treatment

Research and Development for a Next-Generation Heavy-Ion Radiotherapy System Quantum scalpel CG

We are engaged in research and development for a next-generation heavy-ion cancer therapy system called a Quantum Scalpel. As well as providing more advanced treatment for patients, the Quantum Scalpel will be compact enough that it can be installed in existing hospital buildings.

Towards earlier detection and treatment of cancers that are difficult to find and cure

Research and Development of Radiopharmaceuticals for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Targeted radioisotope therapy CG

We promote research and development into targeted radioisotope therapy for microscopic and multi-site cancers. The methods utilize the same radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and treatment, which is an innovative medical field that has become known as “Theranostics”.

Towards more effective diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dementia and depression

Diagnostic and therapeutic research for neuropsychiatric disorders Human brain CG

The occurrence of neuropsychiatric disorders, such as dementia and depression, is on the rise due to the increased age of the population and the stresses surrounding society. We are researching and developing technologies to accurately diagnose these diseases, drugs to prevent their onset and progression, and therapies that regulate neural circuits in affected brains.

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