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International pandemic deniers scrutinise Slovakia’s Covid-19 response

Notorious Czech and US coronavirus deniers in the commission headed by MP Peter Kotlár.

Peter Kotlár, a Slovak National Party MP known for spreading disinformation, remained silent a long time about who is investigating the alleged mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic in Slovakia.

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The politician, who himself doubts that any pandemic occurred, heads the special commission. He was appointed by Robert Fico’s government in January 2024, and even then he refused to say who would assist him.

He revealed the names only in June of this year, when he repeated that the pandemic never happened. Kotlár also called it an “act of bioterrorism”.

“You all need to know the names of the people I’m working with – Dr. Fleming, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Malone, Dr. Turánek, Dr. Beran, yes, Dr. Peková,” Kotlár revealed, as quoted by Denník N.

According to him, these people have evidence that the coronavirus was artificially created, and thus the pandemic did not occur. Denník N emphasises that these are scientists and doctors perceived as disinformation spreaders both in Slovakia and abroad.

“The selection of the chief commissioner surprised me. I did not expect him to manage to assemble such a top-notch team of disinformation spreaders, and on a global level,” healthcare analyst Martin Smatana told the daily.

Anti-Semite and Czech coronavirus deniers

Smatana added that retired Thai-German microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi is a known anti-Semite. Bhakdi previously said that Israel was worse than Nazi Germany. To him, the pandemic was “fake”.

Czech molecular geneticist Soňa Peková called for prayers for Putin, claimed that the coronavirus would disappear very quickly, and also spread the hoax that there was experimentation with deadly pathogens in Ukraine. Today, she claims that the world is preparing for the arrival of the Creator. She also claims that the world is controlled by hostile aliens, a conspiracy theory from 1929, Denník N notes.

Her Czech colleague, vaccinologist Jaroslav Turánek, compared coronavirus vaccination to euthanasia. He also recommends the use of chlorine dioxide and sodium chlorite, which are bleaching agents, for medical treatment, including for the treatment of cancer patients.

Americans on the team as well

Convicted fraudster, American cardiologist Richard M. Fleming, claimed that coronavirus vaccines contained HIV, which was not true. He also claimed that the coronavirus was released from a Chinese laboratory. American immunologist Robert Malone questioned coronavirus vaccines.

Fleming also called on the Slovak government to reject the new WHO regulations designed to help combat future health threats. Slovakia has, for the moment, only distanced itself from the new documents.

“Kotlár chose according to what fits into his conspiratorial world view,” said virologist Boris Klempa from SAV.

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