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Is America Too Broken To Fix? – Tim Kennedy (4K)

Tim Kennedy is a Special Forces master sergeant, former professional UFC fighter, and an author.

There’s a lot of doomerism in the world. Assumptions that things are terrible and they’re never going to get better. I don’t agree, and neither does Tim.

Expect to learn how we can fix the American military’s recruitment problem, Tim’s first hand experience of what’s really going on at the southern border, the wild stories of unknown military heroes that we should know more about, how Tim plans to fix the current education system, the state of veteran mental health, the best preparation routine every tourist needs to know before travelling abroad and much more…

00:00 77% of Young People Are Unfit for the Military
06:02 The Important Role of Wise Grandparents
09:22 Young People’s Views on Conscription
17:08 The Armed Forces Needs New Messaging
21:20 Is Too Much Freedom Making Us Weak?
27:08 Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare
31:25 The State of the US/Mexico Border
41:30 Strategies for Solving the Immigration Crisis
47:53 The Reality of Being in an Armed Conflict
59:29 Men Who Couldn’t Bring Themselves to Shoot in War
1:04:07 A Soldier Tim Wishes Everyone Knew About
1:13:43 When Tim Ran Out of Ammo in a Gun Fight
1:16:24 How Do You Rest During a 5-Day Conflict?
1:21:27 Why Terrorists Use Civilians as Body Shields
1:28:25 What Does it Feel Like to Be Shot?
1:33:54 How Tim’s Experiences Have Shaped Him
1:40:03 Common Recurring Memories of Conflict
1:47:49 The Current State of Veteran Mental Health
1:59:08 What People Suffering With Trauma Need to Hear
2:07:32 Why Smart Guns Are Lame
2:11:02 The Problems Facing Education in America
2:28:06 Greatest Principles for Raising Kids
2:34:41 Why Tim Thought Israel/Palestine Would Have Been Much Worse
2:38:11 Thoughts on Vivek Ramaswamy & RFK Jr
2:42:50 How Much of Political Division is Stoked By External Actors?
2:48:34 Where to Find Tim

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