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Is Breastfeeding in Public Legal? Tulsa Mom Shamed for Breastfeeding in Municipal Courthouse

Another day, another mom criticized for breastfeeding in public. Today’s case: a Tulsa mom who was nursing in a municipal courthouse on Wednesday was allegedly stopped by a courthouse employee and told to “go to the bathroom to do that,” Yahoo! Finance reports

Another woman, Savannah Bannon, noticed the incident and later wrote a Facebook post about it. “So the worst thing just happened and I am ashamed of the city of Tulsa municipal court,” she wrote. “A woman was breast feeding her baby in the hallway and an officer of the court walked by and very rudely and harshly told her to go to the bathroom to do ‘that.’ You could tell she was embarrassed for being shamed and that she was a little bit shocked. We both just looked at each other in shock like did that really just happen!?” 

Breastfeeding in public is legal in all 50 states. Despite that, moms who choose to nurse in public continue to be criticized: in April of 2017, a Virginia mom was shamed for breastfeeding at an outdoor mall, and in December of 2017, a mom visiting Disneyland went viral after she said two women behind her criticized her for nursing her son without a cover. 

Bannon was so incensed by what happened that she and a few other moms decided to stage a nurse-in at the Jack Purdie Police and Municipal Courts Building where the incident took place, telling Tulsa World, “I feel like we sexualize women to a point where we can’t even use our bodies for what they’re meant for…that’s not fair. No mother should be shamed for feeding her child when it’s hungry.”

According to Tulsa World, a city spokesperson says the bailiff who chastised the nursing mom has been placed on administrative leave. 

While this story might make you nervous to feed your baby when you’re out and about, the law is on your side when it comes to breastfeeding in public. Breastfeeding is not in any way considered public indecency from a legal standpoint, and you have a right to nurse your baby anywhere you have a legal right to be. 

Nervous about what to do if someone harasses you while you’re nursing in public? These tips might be helpful to keep in mind: 

  • Try to stay calm: The exception: if you feel physically unsafe for any reason, in which case, call the police. Otherwise, calmly ask for clarification and explain that you have a legal right to nurse in public.
  • Consider filing a complaint: If an employee is harassing you, file a complaint with a manager as soon as possible. Keep written copies of all communication, and if you don’t get a response after a couple of days, try going higher up the ladder to a corporate or public relations department.
  • Decide if further action is warranted: If you still don’t get an adequate response, consider talking to your local La Leche League coordinator or Breastfeeding USA counselor. At this point, you may want to consider stagin a nurse-in or going public with what happened to you by posting on social media. 
  • Remember: You’re not doing anything wrong — you’re simply feeding your hungry baby, and there’s nothing weird or strange about that. 

What to Expect has reached out to Savannah Bannon and the Jack Purdie Police and Municipal Courts Building for comment and will update the post if we hear back.

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