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Is It Rude To Keep It Open On Flights?

Is It Rude To Keep It Open On Flights?

Flying post-pandemic isn’t for the faint of heart. Everything’s expensive, you’re stuck cramming your entire family’s earthly belongings into tiny suitcases to avoid added fees, and people are particularly short-fused, taking out their aggressions on flight attendants and fellow passengers alike. So, it makes sense why you might yearn for what little creature comforts are available on those crowded tin cans in the sky.

Among the hot-button issues that frequently pop up on social media? The great airplane window shade debate. That is, if you’re in the window seat, will your fellow seatmates send daggers at you through their eyeballs if you leave it up the entire flight?

Whether you’re a window seat enthusiast or simply ended up stuck sitting there, you might wonder about the shade etiquette. After all, when you’re flying the friendly skies, it sometimes helps if you can, you know, actually see them. Plus, light exposure is a proven method to help combat jet lag, giving your body some cues for when it’s time to be awake and asleep.

But also, it could be annoying AF to your seatmates if they want to get some semblance of sleep.

What Experts Have to Say

Before taking a stance, keep reading. We asked a slew of travel pros for their thoughts, and they more than delivered.

Summer Hull, Director of Content at The Points Guy:

“Unlike armrests, which typically go to the person in the middle seat, there aren’t as hard and fast rules when it comes to the window shade,” she says. “However, on a flight where it’s likely that other passengers would like to sleep (such as a very early morning departure or when the sun is coming up on a transatlantic flight), it’s nice to be conscientious and keep the shade shut during that time, if possible.”

Hull adds, “Beyond that, there really aren’t defined etiquette rules for the window shade, other than — as always — use common sense and be thoughtful to those around you. But if you want to look out at some beautiful clouds and enjoy the magic and science of flight, then book that window seat and enjoy the view.”

Michael Sawyer, Operations Director at Ultimate Kilimanjaro:

“In short, if a passenger is in a window seat, then they are the captain of the window shade,” he says. “That said, there are also unwritten rules of consideration that any traveler should observe in the name of kindness. If a fellow rowmate requests the shade be drawn to sleep or keep out heat from the plane’s cabin, then the accommodation could be made out of politeness. Again, it is ultimately up to the window seat passenger in question, but just like when you allow a person over in traffic, the hope is such consideration is paid back when you need such a favor.”

Will Hatton, Founder and CEO at Broke Backpacker:

“The simple answer is: no, it’s not rude to keep the shade open throughout the entire flight,” he says. “In fact, I would say it’s rude to keep it closed the entire flight. While what you do with the window seat is your choice, you never know who wants to look out with a quick glance to their side. I always say, you can change your personal circumstances, but should be considerate of how changing your environment impacts others.”

He explains, “For example, people can put an eye mask over their eyes or turn their heads if they want to sleep, but if you close the window, people who want the light or the view won’t have it. Suffice it to say, when I get the window seat on flights, I never close the shade.”

Becky Blaine, Newsletter Editor at The Points Guy:

“Window seat etiquette is a tricky one,” she says. “I could really go either way. I try to be considerate when I sit there and keep the window closed during day flights in case others are snoozing around me. That being said, I don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule like how middle seats get the armrests.”

The TL; DR

FWIW, flight attendants seem to think that “if you’re seated in the window seat, you have all rights, privileges, and responsibilities to the window,” as TikToker @lorryndaa recently shared. “If you want the window up, it’s gonna be up. If you want the window down, it’s gonna be down. And you’re at free will to move it up and down however you want during the flight.”

So, the gist here: Staying respectful and courteous of your fellow passengers is never a bad idea (and something too many people seem to have forgotten these days!), though there are no true etiquette rules for the window shade. Go forth, prosper, and enjoy that view… within reason, of course.

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