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IVF and Medical Tourism in the Time of COVID-19

#Infertility is exhausting enough without #COVID19
If a gorgeous, romantic beach getaway sounds great right about now, join us on IG to learn more about the ins and outs of #IVF, medical tourism and the Barbados experience! IG Live edition.

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“Don’t ask Siri, ask our trusted experts!”

MedAnswers is a next generation digital health company with its first app, FertilityAnswers, helping those trying to conceive access specialty fertility care through an easy-to-use smartphone application.

Whether pursuing assisted reproductive technologies (ART) or trying to conceive without assistance, we assembled the world’s best experts into a handy network to answer on-demand questions.
We included:
+ Reproductive endocrinologists
+ Urologists
+ Geneticists
+ Genetic counselors
+ Psychologists
+ Third party experts
+ Gynecologists
+ and even reproductive attorneys.

Users can:
+ Read and favorite other users’ anonymous questions and the answers experts provided
+ Thank the experts when an answer is helpful!
+ Follow your favorite experts
+ Store and track health information in one place related to your ability to conceive.
+ Ask anything at any time, for free! Nothing is off-limits when it comes to helping you achieve your dream of becoming a parent.

We provide:
+ A predictive content feed based on your category selections and activity
+ Access to our network of experts for free – we add new experts every week!
+ Clinical consensus on the answers by our network (where else can you have multiple doctors weigh in on your question?!)
+ HIPAA-compliant platform so your data and your path to parenthood are kept in the strictest confidence.
+ The ability for you to request a consult through an email form

What’s coming soon:
+ Video consult feature
+ Fresh expert content
+ Genetic integration

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