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Kim Kardashian Has Entered The Sephora Tween Debate

We are in the era of the Sephora Tween. Due to some combination of internet marketing, not having third spaces, and growing up too fast, elementary school girls these days are ditching Disney princesses early and asking for expensive skincare for Christmas.

Of course we have to ask ourselves: WDKKT (What Does Kim Kardashian Think)?

Kardashian, whom some might consider partly to blame for the rise of the Sephora Tween, talked about her history of makeup and how she approaches makeup with her two girls, Chicago, 6, and North, 10, with Bustle this week. And while she admits she might have been an early prototype of the Sephora Tween with a childhood friend, her kids aren’t engaging in the trend all that much.

“I haven’t seen all this Sephora drama, but everyone’s been talking about it, so I have to go check it out now,” she said when asked about it in the interview. “A friend of mine growing up, her dad started a company called Makeup Forever. And so they had so many samples and we were obsessed. We would go through everything and try it all on.”

But when it comes to modern times and her own kids, she doesn’t mind makeup stuff as long as it’s related to art, creativity, and play.

“My littlest ones too little and I don’t let her. I look back and there’s times when I remember I let my daughter wear a red lip once for Christmas,” she continued. “Would I do that now? Probably not. At least with my oldest daughter, she just likes to dress her friends up and do makeup looks, whether it’s like Pikachu or the Grinch. I don’t think she’s there yet to where she is going into Sephora and trying on stuff. We were at Saks in the makeup department the other night and she tested something but put a heart on her face with it. I’m like, I don’t think that’s really why you use eyeliner.”

But while North isn’t joining the tween hoards at the mall makeup counter — at least not yet — she is having fun in mom’s bathroom, which, honestly, is probably tricked out like a retail outlet.

“You know what, they are always trying to use everything that I have in my drawers,” she said of her daughters. “I think it’s a fun game for them. It’s art for them to try to do makeup, which is so fun for me to watch. It’s like they want to play with their friends and do it, and then they want to just wash it right off. I’m down for the artistry. I think it’s fun when they’re trying it all and expressing themselves.”

Kardashian also talked about how it’s important for her to go without makeup, sometimes publicly, in order to set an example and take the emphasis off of covering up.

“If you notice, all the TikToks are me without makeup,” she said in the interview. “North has to get everything approved by me. The TikTok is on my phone. So, it’s like, all the pictures are taken on my phone. It’s not like anything’s posted without my permission.”

And the bottom line? Spending time with her kids is more important than makeup looks — or caring about what people think about her face without foundation.

“North loves doing TikToks and social media really early in the morning and sometimes really late at night and I have no makeup on,” she continued. “And she’s always like, mom, come on, let’s just do it. And why not? What am I going to do, ruin the experience because I want to go get some makeup on? It’s kind of ridiculous.”

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