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Komal Baldwa, founder of Waleria Health Tech

Despite initial pushback, Baldwa persevered to change the conversation and make women more comfortable discussing their health.

“What kept me going was my mom, who had always aspired to start something of her own or her own business, but could not gather the courage to do so until the age of 50 years,” said Baldwa.

Baldwa said her mission to empower women in business and health stems from the historical lack of focus on women’s health issues. After Bleu, she founded Waleria Health Tech, which supplies Aspurūs, a shatavari root extract for menopause. Through Waleria Health Tech’s gold standard study on the benefits of shatavari root​ extract, Baldwa aims to provide solutions tailored to women’s changing needs at every stage of life.

“We had a very long study to include the major symptoms of the menopause that could be ranging from hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, depression, vaginal, dryness, etc. Menopause is a category if you talk about it. It’s kind of booming and it is going to become about 1% of the total US supplement industry. And women are definitely asking for scientifically backed ingredients catering specifically to resolving their symptoms and issues,” said Baldwa. “The average span of a menopause is about eight years and with the lifespan of women increasing currently, we are bound to have one third of our life spent post-menopause.”

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