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Lab-grown blood cells transfused into two patients in a world-first clinical trial

Around half a million stem cells can result in 50 billion red blood cells. The latter is then filtered down to 15 billion red blood cells – the entire process takes three weeks, according to the publication. 

Eventually, the amount of lab-grown cells being infused is around 0.16-0.33 ounces (5-10mls) – about one to two teaspoons. 

The trial then compares the lab-grown cells’ longevity with infusions of standard red blood cells from the same donor. The team expects the lab-grown cells to perform better as they are newly minted.

Also, if the manufactured cells are seen to last longer in the body, patients who require blood regularly will not even require transfusions as often. This will go a long way in reducing the “iron overload” from frequent blood transfusions.

The patients are hale and healthy, with no side effects

The two people who have been transfused with lab-grown red cells are reported to be healthy, with no untoward side effects. 

A minimum of ten participants will receive two mini transfusions at least four months apart, one of the standard donated red cells and one of the lab-grown red cells, “to find out if the young red blood cells made in the laboratory last longer than cells made in the body,” said the release.

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