Let’s talk about sex…and maternal health

Image of flyerDebunking myths and answering your questions!

Medical decisions made during labour and childbirth can have long reaching implications for women’s future sexual functioning, with some studies noting substantial physiological and mental sexual functioning concerns up to 18 months after childbirth.

Changes in desire, arousal, body, body image, gynaecological functioning, and relationship dynamics can be difficult to discuss and navigate with partners and with health care providers.

Recent attention in the maternal health community to other aspects of a woman’s wellbeing (including mental health, vulnerability to mistreatment, immediate and long-term gynaecological functioning) have underlined the importance of caring for women’s health holistically, both during and following pregnancy.

This webinar will address some of the pervasive myths about sex during and following pregnancy, and share sex-related information that every patient should know.


DR DAN FARINE, Perinatologist at Mount Sinai hospital and professor of Ob/Gyn and medicine at the University of Toronto (Canada)

DR KAREN TANG, Gynaecologist and minimally invasive surgeon, health educator (USA)

MERETTE KHALIL, Health systems researcher, childbirth educator and doula, founder of YourEgyptianDoula (Egypt) 

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