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Letter: Get government out of health care – InForum

I recently had hernia surgery. A very routine operation. I was in the operating room about 20 minutes. When I came to I was served a slice of toast and some fruit juice (about $50 worth). Within an hour I was discharged. My bill: $11,000!

That was the second time I had that surgery. The first time – in 1958 – I was 8 years old. At that time I spent six days recovering in the hospital. I don’t recall the dollar amount, but when we got the bill my dad wrote out a check and payed for the whole thing. We were not wealthy. My mother was a homemaker and my dad recapped tires. We didn’t spend the rest of our
lives trying to pay it off nor did we have to file for bankruptcy.

Today, medical bills are the No. 1 cause of personal bankruptcy. America spends $12,000 per capita on health care, more than any other country. Germany is a distant second at $7,000. We are the most operated on, medicated, and vaccinated population in the world, yet we are 52nd in health and longevity. What are we doing wrong? There may be many factors, but socialized medicine is the most suspect. Since the ’60s (Medicare and Medicaid) costs have soared and comparative results have declined.

When you pay a medical bill or your insurance premium know that you are covering the costs of many millions of freebies excluding the new arrivals from the south. Get government out of health care and let market forces takeover and watch costs come down and quality recover.

Michael Ross lives in Detroit Lakes, Minn.

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