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Low-sodium salt diet lowers blood pressure in hypertensive, diabetic patients: China RCT

Compared to baseline, there was a significant improvement noted in the general blood pressure for all groups who underwent an intervention involving various salt formulations used to prepare a Chinese-modified diet or a meal pack.

However, the group who used 23% low-sodium salt to prepare a Chinese-modified meal pack experienced a more significant decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure compared to other groups (SBP: −19.06 mmHg, 95% CI -24.71 to −13.41, p < 0.001 and DBP: −7.82 mmHg, 95% CI -10.77 to −6.87, p < 0.001).

All groups, except for the group who used normal salt to prepare a Chinese-modified diet, saw an increase in potassium and decrease in sodium 24 hours after the intervention.

The sodium/potassium ratio measurement is correlated with blood pressure increase and arterial hypertension.

The researchers explained the following regarding the more significant results noted for the group who used 23% low-sodium salt for the meal pack: “The decrease in SBP was most pronounced in Group D, which could be because the components of the meal pack (CM-DASH Nutrition Dietary Pack) included 23% low-sodium salt and various supplementary foods rich in dietary fiber (lunch/dinner staple: 100 g CM-DASH Babao rice contain 7.486 g dietary fiber, whereas 45 g rice +10 g corn grits +10 g red beans only contain 1.5 g dietary fiber).”

Chinese-modified dietary approach

The Chinese Modified Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (CM-DASH) diet was developed for Chinese patients with hypertension and type 2 diabetes based on their daily energy requirement per kilogram of ideal body mass for light physical activity in patients who are overweight or obese.

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