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Lucknow’s SGPGIMS claims world’s first multiport transvesical robotic surgery

Lucknow’s SGPGIMS claims world’s first multiport transvesical robotic surgery

Lucknow, Jun 30 (IANS): Surgeons at SGPGIMS have claimed to have conducted the world’s first multiport transvesical robotic radical prostatectomy involving a complicated surgery to remove cancer in the prostate gland through the urinary bladder route with the help of a robot.

More advanced single-port medical robotic systems are being used globally for this purpose. Lead surgeon Dr Uday Pratap Singh described the work as a ‘landmark achievement’ and ‘beacon of hope for prostate cancer patients worldwide’.

He said, “The procedure was conducted on June 26 and the patient was kept under observation. Now that he is stable, we have broken the news to the world.”

Regarding his work as the ‘world’s first’, Dr Singh said, “Medical robots are being used by experts across the world. Available medical literature has spoken well of single-port medical robotic prostatectomy. However, at our institute, we had a multiport medical robot. We decided to use the same for our patient and it worked.”

He said the procedure involves the removal of the prostate gland through the bladder using robotic assistance. “This is less invasive compared to traditional methods and offers benefits to patients like faster recovery, reduced pain, and minimised risk of complications,” he said.

The most notable advantage of this type of surgery is its impact on postoperative recovery, specifically concerning incontinence and sexual health.

“In the older methods, prolonged periods of incontinence were common but with medical robots and transvesical approach, damage to the surrounding tissues and nerves is minimised enabling patients to regain bladder control much sooner,” he explained. Another advantage of this procedure is the preservation of sexual function, a concern for many patients, he said. The precision and minimally invasive nature help preserve the neurovascular bundles responsible for erectile function, leading to a quicker and more complete recovery of sexual health.

An Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGI) spokesperson said the successful surgery underscores the institute’s commitment to advancing medical science and also places India at the forefront of innovative cancer treatments.



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