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Macrocare: Best Urology center in Egypt Elofok Center ( Medicaltourism )

Elofok Medical Center was established to be a pioneer in providing premium medical services and healthcare that the patient deserves. The center provides several services and is one of very few centers in Egypt specialized in the field of Urology with an experienced medical staff of the top specialists in the field. The Urology Unit is fully prepared with the latest technologies and equipment in the specialty 


We have the most recent and effective ESWL machine ( Dornier, Germany), that treat urinary tract stones by shock waves without surgical wound. This machine is using both X-ray and Ultrasound to localize the stones.

Endoscopy unit

Our endoscopy unit is equipped with the most advanced and digital endoscopes to treat renal stones, ureteric stones, bladder stones, and BPH. We have also the most advanced laparoscopy set to treat renal tumours, renal cysts, undescended testes, and prostatic cancer, via small skin holes.

Urodynamic Unit

Urodynamic studies are used to diagnose any dysfunction of the lower urinary tract including urinary incontinence, neurogenic bladder, and nocturnal enuresis. The most advanced and accurate urodynamic machine ( Nexium Pro) can perform all urodynamic studies including cystometry, uroflowmetry, EMG, and UPP, it is capable also to perform Biofeedback, which is the most recent modality to treat the lower urinary tract dysfunction conditions.

1 – Uroflowmetry

2 – Cystometry

3 – Pressure / flow study

4 – EMG ( Electromyography )

5 – UPP ( Urethral Pressure Profile )

Andrology Unit

Shock wave machine in the andrology unit is effective in cases of erectile dysfunction due to cavernosal fibrosis resulting from diabetes Mellitus, or Arteriosclerosis. This machine helps improve the vascular supply of the penis and is a safe alternative to penile prostheses.

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