Magic Mushrooms Should Be Legal In IL To Treat Mental Health: Ventura

JOLIET, IL — State Senator Rachel Ventura, a Democrat from Joliet, filed legislation in Illinois that would legalize psilocybin — more commonly known as magic mushrooms— for adult-supervised use in a licensed service center, her staff announced in a Friday night press release.

“As mental health concerns rise throughout our state and nation, it’s imperative to acknowledge that conventional treatments don’t always suffice,” Ventura declared. “Psilocybin shows promise as a potential solution, particularly for those grappling with PTSD and other mental health disorders. The ongoing research and trials have yielded encouraging results.”


According to Ventura, the FDA has labeled psilocybin twice as a “breakthrough therapy” for treatment-resistant depression, indicating federal acknowledgment of its therapeutic promise. In June, the agency released its inaugural guidelines for researchers keen on investigating its potential for medical applications.

“Law Enforcement Action Partnership recognizes this bill as nothing short of life saving. Providing a proven means for people to work through their traumas and live happier, healthier, and more productive lives,” said Dave Franco, a retired Chicago police officer. “The benefits for mental and behavioral health can also have sizable impacts on community health and public safety.”

In 2021, Oregon became the first state to legalize adult use of psilocybin through a ballot initiative.

Unlike cannabis, adult use must occur at a licensed facility. In November 2022, Colorado voters approved a ballot measure, making Colorado the second state in the nation to approve a state-regulated program for legal access to psilocybin therapies. Earlier this year, the Indiana Senate committee passed a medical psilocybin research bill.

Senate Bill 3695 would not allow for the sale, use, or personal possession of psilocybin in Illinois, according to Ventura. The bill would also establish the Illinois Psilocybin Advisory Board under the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, which would create a training program, ethical standards, and licensing requirements.

“We’re dedicated to eliminating obstacles to healing in Illinois,” Ventura remarked in her press statement. “As additional options emerge for the public, my aspiration is for plant medicines to shed their stigma and be recognized for their safe and beneficial qualities.”

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