Medical Tourism: An Alaskan’s Adventure

My name is Cale Green and on July 10th I fell off my bike and broke my collarbone.

I am uninsured.

While exploring options for surgery in Alaska I quickly realized that the process was needlessly cost prohibitive up here and started exploring other solutions. Eventually, after doing research, I landed on surgery in Mexico and decided to film the whole process to try and raise awareness on something that probably happens far too often.

During the video I spoke with my friend, and medical tourism professional, Sarah Brown, as well as Representative Ivy Spohnholz, who sponsored a medical transparency bill that went into effect in January. Thank you to all those who make this video possible. If this raises awareness just a little bit, it will have been worth it.

Here is a link to the group that I found down in La Paz, Mexico. They were incredible and very professional. If you can’t afford medical coverage in the United States, know that other options exist. Things don’t change in the market place unless we make them.

Ask for Dr. Ramón Gaxiola-Robles


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