Medical Tourism in Istanbul Turkey, the cost for Hair Transplant a Nose Job, Skin Removal and more.

In today’s video we provide information on current costs for medical procedures such as Breast Augmentation, Hair Transplants, Nose Jobs, Skin Removal and Gastric Bypass. Medical Tourisim is a major business in Istanbul and thus there are many doctors and hospitals catering to this need. We focus on the services of Beauty Valleys, they serve as the company to arrange and coordinate each step of the process.

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The city of Istanbul is a bustling city of 17,000,000, with a low cost of living by US, Canadian, British, and EU standards. The average US Retiree on Social Security receives $1,550 a month, and a couple on Social Security receives over $2,500 a month. A US Expat living on Social Security can expect a great standard of living in Turkey when compared to the living costs in the US.

International Medical Plans for Expats, Nomads, Students, Missionaries, Groups and Employers.
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Do you want to live abroad as an Expat? Are you looking for affordable and viable options? We are exploring the world to see what it’s like to live in a country, and also discover if Residency is an option.

We began our retirement in March of 2020 with the intent to travel the world, spending 1-3 months in a country or location. We want to see what it’s like to live there and not simply visit, and we want to share these experiences and the costs with whoever wishes to follow along.

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