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Medical Tourism in Panama a solution to high Health and Dental Care costs.

In 2014, over 1 million middle class Americans went overseas to save on medical and dental costs. By 2020, that number is expected to increase to 10 million people. This video shows the extremely high opportunity cost the USA pays for a health care system that offers far less value that other many other countries. Many of the facts you will see have been suppressed to low ball the billions wasted. Millions of US Life insurance policies have a new feature called a Living Benefit. If you become Terminally, Critically or Chronically ill you could receive up to $1.5 million tax free to spend on your health issue or ANYTHING you like Anywhere you like including Panama. No receipts are required. US TriCare and many US HMOs now cover medical work in Panama. Many of Panama’s doctors and Dentist speak English and are American Board Certified. Stem Cell therapy and many other medical procedures or treatments not approved by the FDA are available in Panama. Download the free eBook to learn more.


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