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DID YOU KNOW? The Philippines is a recipient of the 80,000 to 250,000 medical tourist annually? World-wide patient’s come from Sri Lanka, East Asia, the Gulf States, Europe, North and South America, Australia and the Pacific Islands.
Why then do tourist travel to the Philippines for medical tourism? Is it only because of our excellent world-class doctors and facilities, nurses that keep the standard for high-quality care around the world, and a beautiful country, wonderful beaches, good food, and exciting cities? Or, perhaps, there is more than the statement above.
In fact, some foreign nationals choose the Philippines as their medical tourism destination due to low-cost procedures. They expect to enjoy the care and compassion that they are familiar with: in the US, New Zealand, Australian, England or Middle Eastern hospitals, which are staffed with Western-trained Filipino nurses and physicians.
Thousands of Filipino expats visit the Philippines for medical care as well, usually combining the medical procedures with their family visit.
Since 2006, a bill was passed in the Philippine Congress creating the Medical Tourism Bureau (MTB) and prompted the nation to start promoting health tourism. The first few years proved successful catapulting the Philippines among the top list of choice destinations in the industry.
Health travelers to the country find this to be the case, as they are assisted by highly competent English-speaking and Western-trained medical staff in over 2,000 hospitals in the country.
Philippine health professionals are the products of more than 313 health educational institutions, and 60% to 80% of whom would eventually work or train abroad and get international medical diplomas, and world-class recognition.
In fact, Filipinos today constitute the second largest group of foreign students that graduated in the medical field from the United States institutions. Several of these profession would bring back the latest in medical technologies, scientific research/techniques, and expertise thus built up their own world-class medical practices for the well-being of their countrymen.
Privately-owned hospitals located in the National Capital (NCR) Region or Metro Manila, offer the best in medical facilities exemplifying even luxurious five-star accommodation that are equal to Western hospitals. Such likewise cater to medical tourists, where you can combine treatment and sightseeing, as well — “only in the Philippines” that was the most quoted quote indeed!


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