Medical Tourism Part 1

On August 12th, 2019 I decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery to take back my life and to finally get my weight loss journey on track. I’ve struggled with weight all of my life, I’ve faced bullying, depression and even suicidal thoughts all because of my constant struggles with my weight. So I finally decided to take control my having this surgery. However my insurance plan wouldn’t cover me and I was looking at paying up to $20,000 out of pocket for the procedure here in the states. So like many Americans every year, I traveled south to Mexico to have my gastric sleeve surgery. My job caught wind that I was going to Mexico for this life saving procedure and asked if they could profile me. I was more than happy to share my story because I want people to see that life saving surgeries like this are not always covered by insurance companies. Therefore people have to result to what is known as Medical Tourism. I also wanted to share my story to help combat the stigma of people traveling to Mexico for surgery. Join me as I sit down with WMBF News Today Anchor and my coworker Audrey Biesk in Part 1 of our Medical Tourism Series : “Fighting For My Life”


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