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Medical Tourism:Health Travel-Medical Touri Travel Video Al
New breasts, new nose, firmer thighs, better buttocksPeople travel for many reason.
They travel to see the ocean, to meet people or to shop
Shop? How about shopping for a new nose or bigger breasts
Medical tourism is the latest trend in the search for the perfect body or a money saving medical procedure like replacing a hip or getting your teeth straight
Global Health care is the new term, and while saving money is one reason why people travel to far away places for medical procedures performed by foreign physicians,
It’s not the only reason
There are shorter waits and the chance to spend a relaxing week on the beach seeing the sights while you’re there or just living it up in a luxury hotel while you recoup.
You can bring your friends and family along, and the quality of care in most places is as good if not better than care at home because the health care workers are often trained in the US or Europe. But do your homework
There are package deals out there that offer great vacations after the procedures, including travel to and from the airport, accommodations and …
And what were you saying about lifting your buttocks or that creaky knee?


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