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Midland County BOC hears updates, statistics on local mental health

Community Mental Health for Central Michigan leaders presented an annual report to the Midland County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday that discussed the purpose and vision of the organization, as well as Midland County projects and data. 

CMHCM Executive Director Bryan Krogman opened the special presentation of the 2022 annual report by discussing the purpose of the organization.

 CMHCM is a public mental health authority that serves Clare, Gladwin, Isabella, Mecosta, Midland and Osceola counties. Its vision is to provide high-quality, cost-effective behavioral health solutions in collaboration with consumer and community partners to help individuals experience recovery, realize their full potential and participate fully in their communities.

CMHCM serves children and adults with emotional disturbances, mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities, substance use disorders and more, Krogman said. MCHCM offers outpatient therapy, home-based services, psychiatric care, case management, 24 hour crisis support and other services.

In the 2022 fiscal year, 10,761 individuals were served in total between the six counties and 3,046 of those people were in Midland County. 

CMHCM’s upcoming project will be its new strategic plan, which they have worked on throughout this year. The organization drafts a new strategic plan every three years. The new plan will run from 2024-2026. 

Krogman listed the priorities that will be included in the strategic plan as access to services, operation and fiscal sustainability, maintaining a workforce and improving efficiencies. 

Midland County Program Director Deana Schad provided statistics specific to Midland County. She said anxiety in adults has increased from 29% in 2019 to 41% in 2022. Depression in adults has also increased from 26% to 34 percent. 

Depression in youths has increased from 17%  in 2016 to 28% in 2021 and suicide attempts have increased from 14 to 19 percent. 

CMHCM in Midland County is now looking for ways to decrease anxiety and depression rates in adults and children through universal screening, increasing awareness of mental health services and improving access to resources. This will include screening at a younger age, instead of waiting for adolescence. 

Schad also provided an update on recent projects. The Mental Health Court was established in 2020 and since then has served 26 offenders, with three graduates in this past fiscal year.

In June, CMHCM deployed tablets to City of Midland police officers that can be used to connect community members directly to CMHCM’s virtual crisis care. A CMHCM staff member will also be joining the hostage negotiation team. 

“It’s wonderful to have the representatives here to give a glimpse into the work that they do,” Commissioner Steve Glaser said. “What a compliment it is to the community to have those that are so committed to serving that struggling part of the community.”

Pinecrest Farms activities

The Midland County BOC approved a number of resolutions, including one to authorize the use of funds from the DHHS Trust Fund 787 in an amount up to $16,000 to cover the cost of increasing the Pinecrest Farms activity director to a full-time position.

This will allow the activities director more time to plan and engage in activities with residents at Midland County’s long-term care facility. 

“I had the opportunity to go to Pinecrest and meet the woman that is the activities director and she has wonderful activities that she is already doing and wonderful ones that she hopes to expand when she goes full time,” said Commissioner Alaynah Smith. 

Public Comment
County Clerk Ann Manary spoke during public comment in response to remarks made at the last meeting on Sept. 5 regarding Midland County’s Qualified Voter File. 

At the Sept. 5 meeting, a member of the public commented after her Freedom of Information Act request for the file was denied by the county. She requested the file from the State of Michigan and after receiving it, she noticed a large amount of registration data was added in 1998.

Manary explained on Sept. 19 that the QVF, an electronic system that stores voter registration information, was established in 1996. Along with this system came the creation of boundaries and precincts. 

Information for the QVF was given to the state starting in 1996, Manary explained, but that it couldn’t be entered into the system until the maps were completed. That is why data was entered in large quantities in 1998 when the maps were finished. 

Manary also explained that the QVF is owned by the State of Michigan, meaning that while some information can be released by the county clerk’s office, other information can only be given out by the state. 

She encouraged any residents with questions to contact her or come to her office. 

Other business
• Doug Deeter from Rehmann presented the 2022 annual audit report to the BOC. Following the presentation, the board of commissioners voted to accept the audit report, the Federal Financial Assistance Audit and the management letter findings prepared by Rehmann.
• The board approved the Michigan Department of Treasury form 614 2023 Tax Rate request.
• The board proclaimed the week of Sept. 24 through 30 as Neighboring Week in Midland, as well as October 2023 as Cultural Awareness Month.
• The board approved a Performance Resolution for Midland County, which is required by the Michigan Department of Transportation for purposes of issuing the permit that will allow Four Lakes Task Force to begin their work on the Shoreline Enhancement Plan.
• The board appointed Dave Brausch, as a Democratic representative and reappointed Dennis Starner, as a Republican representative, to the Midland County Board of Canvassers. The terms for both appointments will expire on Oct. 31, 2027.
• The board also appointed Patrick Czerwinski as Magistrate in the 75th District Court as he has successfully completed the training course in traffic law adjudication and sanctions given by the State Court Administrative Office.

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