Miss USA Alum Sarah Rose Summers Shares NICU Journey

In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where countless families navigate their unique paths, the journey can often feel isolating. Yet, amidst this solitude, a growing number of parents are finding solace in shared experiences, embracing online support communities that offer understanding and empathy to fellow NICU parents.

Among these courageous individuals is former Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers. Recently, Sarah and her husband, Conner Combs joyfully welcomed their first son, Caden Wyatt Combs, into the world at just 32 weeks.

“Caden Wyatt Combs just couldn’t wait until 2024! He arrived in very dramatic fashion involving a trail of blood through the mall, ambulance ride, and an emergency c-section with a whole bunch of on-call doctors. We’re praising the good Lord for our little fighter and that we are both doing as well as can be expected,” Summers wrote on January 2.

Since his early arrival, Caden has faced several challenges that have kept him in the NICU for 41 days as of February 7. Born just 3.46 pounds, Summers and Combs had to wait four days before the “best New Year’s Day ever”—when they got to hold him for the first time.

Throughout January, Caden has been growing and fighting, and his parents have been there with him every step of the way. From father-son skin-to-skin time to the “hot dad walk” (NICU version), OOTN (outfit of the NICU), and infection scares, Summers has shared each moment, highs and lows.

A significant milestone was celebrated on February 5, as Summers captured a heartwarming moment on video: “The first time we beheld his perfect little face, free from the constraints of the ng tube during bath time,” she tenderly shared.

As the happy family of three continues to weather the NICU, parents remain thankful for their story and hopeful for the future. “What a little fighter, but what an INCREDIBLE Mom you are!!! Your unconditional love, resilience, faith and strength shows every day in him,” wrote one commenter. “Praying for the day he doesn’t have to have the ng tube at all and will be home safe and snug,” another added.

Our best to Summers and Combs as they continue along their journey!

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