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MMH drug take-back program by Inmar Inc.

MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) – The need for proper medication disposal is underscored by alarming statistics. On average, over 280 Americans die every day from an overdose, with 47% of misused prescription pain relievers sourced from a loved one. Every 10 minutes, a child is rushed to the ER due to medication poisoning, and 46 Americans are exposed to trace amounts of narcotics in drinking water.

“Get prescription medicines that are no longer needed out of the hands of our vulnerable people who might have a control substance abuse problem.”

Harrington highlights the two primary vectors for drug abuse:

“The first one, of course, is the fentanyl opioid crisis. The second vector is prescription drugs that are no longer needed and no longer used. When they’re no longer needed, let’s just get them out of our houses.”

Previously, the only option for disposing of unused medications was an annual drug take-back drop-off requiring individuals to hold onto medications for an entire year. The drop-off locations were often limited to church parking lots with disposal handled by sheriff deputies.

However, the introduction of the Inmar “Waste to Energy” program, licensed by the DEA, has streamlined the process. This innovative program converts returned medications into energy alleviating the burden of paperwork and disposal logistics.

The drop-off box collects around 4 boxes a week and on average about 300 bottles in those 4 boxes. That’s 1,200 bottles a week. And there’s no telling how many pills are in the 1,200 bottles.

“If you have old controlled substances, old antibiotics, hanging around, they are no longer doing us any good. We need to get them out of our medicine cabinets to protect our families and our loved ones and their friends.”

At Midland Memorial Hospital, a drive-thru takes you within 15 feet of the ER doors with drop-off boxes conveniently located inside the foyer. It’s a simple process – walk in, drop off your medications, and walk out. John Harrington emphasizes the simplicity of the process:

“Walk right in that door. Drop ‘em. Walk right out.”

It’s important to note that only capsules and pills should be deposited in the drop-off box. Vitamins, aerosols such as asthma inhalers, and illicit drugs should not be included.

Make everyday, drug take-back day.

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