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Mom Wonders Why So Many Parents Don’t Make Their Kids Ride The Bus

Conversations surrounding school drop off and pick up have been more prevalent as more parents opt to drive their kids to and from school over having them walk to school or take the school bus.

Several parents have their own opinions about school pick-up and drop-off etiquette, such as cutting in line. Some parents are showing up to school 30, 40, or even 60 minutes before the last bell rings just to get a good spot.

One mom is totally befuddled by all of this and wonders why more parents don’t put their kids on the school bus if it’s an option. So, she’s asking parents for their reasoning behind the everyday chauffeur service.

“Parents who do pick up and drop off every single day, I have a genuine question for you, genuinely. Why? Why do you do parent pick up and drop off every single day?” TikTok mom Dana Logan asked.

“And like, take out the like extenuating circumstances of if your child was bullied on a bus or you live outside district and aren’t qualified for riding the bus. Why do you have your kids do parent pick up and drop off every single day?”

“My five-year-old, six-year-old now is wanting me to do it, and I’m just like wondering why. Because I get the joy and feeling special doing it but like he qualifies to ride the bus every day and I’m just like why? Tell me why. Tell me why. Maybe there’s something I’m missing. Is there something I’m missing? There’s gotta be because otherwise like so many people do it. I just don’t get it.”

After her video got traction, several parents commented on Logan’s video with their genuine answers.

“Genuine question…if you could, why wouldn’t you? Childhood is SO short, why let time be wasted on a bus? I’m a homeschool mom, and I can’t imagine not choosing to have that extra time…” one user wrote.

Another said, “because my kids are my responsibility.”

“I rode the bus…there is no way in HELL I would put my kids on one,” one user said.

Several users echoed this sentiment, saying that they rode the bus as a kid and wished their parents would have given them a ride instead. Others noted that they just want to spend that extra time with them.

In a follow-up video, Logan wanted to clarify that she wasn’t trying to “throw shade” at parents who decided to drive their kids to and from school, but she really just wanted to understand why people opt out of the school bus. She also shared some personal context as to why she was curious, noting her son likes the bus.

“I think our bus system must be way different compared to what I’m reading about. Our bus doesn’t get picked up until 8:30-8:30. We do live super close to the school so it’s a five-minute drive if I were to drop them off. But he’s only on the bus for about 20 to 30 minutes which I know kind of seems like a long time but he genuinely enjoys it. “

She also notes that her school district has assigned seating on their school buses based on age.

“So, he’s not exposed to like the older kids. I think had that been the case I 100% would be doing parent pickup and drop off because my son’s safety and what he’s exposed to is number one priority and yeah that would be a little bit scary to me. So he’s right behind the bus driver who treats him so well.”

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