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Mom’s Drawer Packing Idea Is The Most Brilliant Vacation Hack

Vacation season is here and if you’re like me, you’re always looking for the most efficient and space-saving way to pack yourself and your family. Whether that’s consolidating multiple family members into one suitcase or attempting to do laundry while on vacation (do people actually do this?), one mom may have found the ultimate packing hack for your family’s next summer vacation.

TikTok creator and mom Jordan Taylor Martin posted a video saying that her family of six’s next trip, she is packing their clothing in a set of plastic drawers.

“This is what I’m packing all my kids stuff in,” Martin says, displaying the drawers. “They ain’t getting suitcases, they getting these drawers.”

“Then when we get there, we’re just gonna take this out of the car and then there’s their stuff in drawers for the whole week. So, if you think this is about to be aesthetically pleasing and that everything’s gonna be folded nice and neat for the most part, maybe, but for a lot of it, no.”

She then speeds up the video to show how she packs, which pretty much consists of throwing her kids clothes, hats, swimsuits, PJs, etc. into one of the drawers. Each kid gets a drawer, and they can organize to their liking once they meet their destination.

This. Is. Brilliant!

Instead of hauling multiple suitcases that will surely take up the entire trunk, each kid gets a drawer in the set and they can organize how they want. Plus you’re saving so much room in the car!

In another clip from the video, Martin makes a snack bin for their six-hour car ride. Filling the container with pouches, granola bars, puffs and bottles. Her large Bogg bag holds all the first aid supplies.

Oh also, they drive in the middle of the night to avoid traffic and avoid child meltdowns and fights. Everyone just sleeps!

“We can organize when we get there. I would much rather drive at night when I was asleep than during the day,” she explained in another clip from the car. “I went ahead and put on my pajamas. I think all three of the kids are asleep back there.”

After her video gained traction, several TikTok users commented on the brilliance of Martin’s packing hack.

“This is literally the smartest idea of all time,” one user wrote.

Another mom offered one more hack and said, “I would have separated each drawers by days. Top drawer- First Day outfits/bath suits/Pjs for each kid🤣 but this is genius”

“Dang I have 2 of these sitting around the house! Brilliant,” another said.

Martin replied, “This was sitting by the back door for weeks needing to be put in the attic. I’m so glad I procrastinated and never put it up there 🤣”

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