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More than 9,000 trainee doctors submit resignations as the nationwide doctor's strike continues …

More than 9,000 trainee doctors submit resignations as the nationwide doctor’s strike continues in S. Korea

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We are now into the third day of the massive walkout by doctors.
Seven out of 10 interns and residents in South Korea have left their post after handing in resignation letters.
And 6 out of 10 medical students have submitted a leave-of-absence.
Lee Eun-hee with the latest.

The nationwide doctors’ strike continued for a third day on Thursday, with doctors protesting against the expansion of South Korea’s medical school quota by 2 thousand to over 5 thousand starting in 2025.
Over 9-thousand trainee doctors, more than 74 percent of the country’s interns and residents, had submitted letters of resignation as of 10 PM Wednesday, though none have been accepted.

Out of these, over 8-thousand have not shown up for work.
The total number of leave-of-absence letters from medical students announced on Thursday surpassed 11-thousand nationwide, which is more than 60 percent of the total number of medical students.

About two-thirds of trainee doctors have walked out of hospitals, meaning medical services have been disrupted and patients are being affected.
For example, at Samsung Medical Center, one of Seoul’s five major teaching hospitals, 30 percent of operations scheduled for Wednesday were postponed.
Surgical procedures at the Severance Hospital were less than half of the usual amount.
The focus of large hospitals has shifted to prioritize critical and emergency care, causing outpatient appointments to be postponed, while some patients recovering from surgery were discharged earlier than scheduled.
The number of complaints reported increased to almost 1-hundred and fifty, with forty-four of those over surgery cancellations.

“My father had emergency surgery for colon cancer. So today I came to check on the results, but I received a text message asking for my understanding saying that appointments might be delayed due to the high number of patients.”

In a briefing on Wednesday, the government stated that protecting people’s lives was a priority and urged doctors to immediately return to work, and to discuss the medical student quota issue with them.
To minimize disruptions to medical services, the government plans to extend the opening hours of public health centers and loosen restrictions on access to 12 military hospital emergency rooms.

It has also issued return-to-work orders to a majority of the doctors who’ve walked out.
To this, junior doctors are demanding the government backtracks on the plan to increase the number of medical students while the Korean Medical Association calls its return-to-work orders amount to “suppression.”

Lee Eun-hee, Arirang News.

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2024-02-22, 12:00 (KST)


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