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My First Vlog | Clinic On Wheels | Outdoor Medical Camping | 2024

All patients featured in this vlog have given informed consent to be recorded and included in this video. The purpose of sharing these clips is purely educational, aiming to raise awareness about our “Clinic on Wheels” program and the healthcare services we provide to underserved communities. Patient privacy and confidentiality have been respected and maintained throughout the filming process.

As many of you know, I am a doctor working in a hospital. Recently, I received a letter from the CEO of Health assigning me a new and exciting duty. I am now part of a new government program that requires me to work outdoors. This initiative, called “Clinic on Wheels,” involves a dedicated team including a doctor, a dispenser, a lady health visitor, a health and nutrition supervisor, a vaccinator, and a data entry operator.

Our mission is to travel to various urban slums and set up medical camps to treat people from low socioeconomic communities. We provide care for patients suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, acid peptic disease, acute respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, backache, muscle spasms, and joint pains. Additionally, our vaccinator administers vaccines to children under five and tetanus shots to pregnant women. The lady health visitor performs antenatal check-ups for expectant mothers.

Given my usual duties in the hospital, this was a unique experience for me, and I decided to capture my first day on this program in a vlog. Join me as I document this incredible journey of bringing healthcare to those in need.

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