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New Omicron Variant XBB.1.5 just EXPLODED – Mutations, Prevention, Severity, Home Testing, Treatment

XBB.1.5 just EXPLODED in new cases now becoming the DOMINANT variant in the USA with close to 75% of new cases in the Northeast and 41% of new cases across the country. This has all happened over a matter of a few weeks!

XBB.1.5 is closely related to the recombinant Omicron variant XBB. It has additional mutations including the F486P mutation that has been shown to grant additional immune evasion and high binding to human cells.

It seems to have a similar degree of immune evasion with both vaccinated and previously infected individuals as compared to XBB. Although it does also seem to bind to human cell receptors with a higher affinity.

Home antigen testing seems to mostly be adequate (as adequate as with previous variants at least – video linked below on this). Although there is an FDA warning on a home saliva test that no longer seems to be accurate for XBB.

The bivalent BA.5 vaccine booster has the highest degree of protection against XBB and most likely XBB.1.5 compared with previous monovalent boosters, although still lowest for XBB as compared to other previous Omicron variants.

Paxlovid most likely remains affective in treating XBB.1.5 given it’s effectiveness against XBB and the lack of additional mutations in the protease of XBB.1.5. No available monoclonal antibodies seem to be effective.

There doesn’t seem to be anything to suggest it causes more severe disease. Interestingly though, the hospitalizations rate for the elderly in the Northeast does seem to be rising to a disproportionate degree suggesting a possible connection to XBB.1.5.

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