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No 13th Floor in Medanta Hospital? Reddit User’s Pic Brings Back Superstition of ‘Cursed’ Floor

Medanta, which happens to be one of the biggest hospitals in Gurugram, is also superstitious enough to miss the ‘13th floor’ marking in its elevator. Don’t believe us? An image which is currently doing rounds on Reddit is that of Medanta’s elevator. An anonymous user posted the picture on the social media handle and asked people if it is okay for such big hospitals to be this superstitious.

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The image shows all the floors in the elevator. The 7th floor and the Upper Ground floor are highlighted in yellow colour. However, there is no mention of the 13th floor. For those who don’t know, there is a widespread fear and superstition surrounding the number 13. It has a term for it, called, “triskaidekaphobia.”

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In many cultures, many architects still opt to omit the number, skipping straight to the 14th floor. Many people also simply rename the floor. The exact origins of 13 as an unlucky number, however, has been lost to time. It still continues to affect modern building customs.

Here, have a look at the viral image:

The image has garnered multiple responses on social media. “Floor thirteenth is left empty for fire safety as I’ve heard till date. Also, I heard some people calling it an unlucky number for building. And the same thing is being followed in Noida high rise too,” wrote a Reddit user. Another person wrote, “It has nothing to do with the hospital being super superstitious but with the patients.


As you said many buildings don’t have a 13 floor so imagine getting your life and death op on the 13th floor. Doctors wouldn’t care but maybe some patients do.”

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One person mentioned, “Fairly common practice across the globe. A lot of residencies in NCR also skip 13. Dont forget

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  • – there’s a lot of international medical tourism in such franchise hospitals, so makes sense to follow what works.”

    What do you think?

    first published: September 19, 2023, 12:43 IST

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