Nourished’s technology to create personalized gummy stacks

Hand holding a seven-layer gummy from Nourished.
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20 Nov — UK-based supplement company Nourished uses 3D-printing technology to develop a seven-layer gummy stack that can be tailored to consumers’ specific health needs, using a wide range of natural ingredients. Nutrition Insight sits down with Melissa Snover, CEO & founder of Nourished, to discuss the potential of these gummies and how they support personal nutrition. 

“At Nourished, we believe everyone is unique and thus requires a unique nutrition regime. It’s why we make each Nourished stack to order based on each customer’s lifestyle, goals and preferences,” says Snover. 

“Most nutritional products are made for the masses in a one-size-fits-all approach which allows companies to easily produce a profitable product, which isn’t always ideal for the end consumer.”

Using scientifically backed ingredients, Nourished adds seven ingredients in one supplement “stack” through 3D printing. The supplements are 100% plant-based, sugar-free and come in a plastic-free wrapping that is fully compostable. 

Individual consumer needs 
To build a personalized gummy stack, consumers complete an online questionnaire, including questions on activity and energy levels, type of exercise, international travel, diet, health issues, flavor and priority health areas in upcoming months. 

“Thanks to our science-backed algorithmic quiz, individuals can get a tailored nutrient recommendation on the back of answering questions surrounding their lifestyle and individual goals (rather than the limited data in a blood sample),” explains Snover. 

“Customers can also craft their own stack completely from scratch from our lab. Our personalization options for ingredients and flavors mean millions of potential stack combinations are available.”

With 3D-printing technology, Nourished produces each order on demand in a patented gummy gel to ensure optimum efficacy and absorption levels. The products are then delivered directly to consumers for their convenience. 

“We offer a wide range of high-impact active ingredients at Nourished, which include a variety of vitamins, nutrients and superfoods — all derived from natural sources,” adds Snover. 

Customers can choose the ingredients in their stack. Any can be combined to make a personalized nutrient stack. 

3D printing arm printing gummy stacks from Nourished. Nourished uses 3D-printing technology to develop a seven-layer gummy tailored to specific health needs.Customizable 3D printing
Snover explains that the company’s hybrid 3D printing methods are designed to efficiently create customized blends of active ingredients on demand for each customer. “It fulfills the need for true customization while optimizing production time.”  

“Unlike the industry standard of packing separate tablets together for personalization, we use 3D printing to layer different active ingredients on top of each other, creating a single product tailored to the individual’s unique requirements.” 

She anticipates significant growth in the market for personalized nutrition in the coming years. 

Snover adds that Rem3dy Health, the company behind the Nourished brand, is “well-positioned to take advantage of this trend by expanding into new markets such as Europe and South America.” 

“We are also establishing new retail partnerships and continually improving our technology to stay at the forefront of personalized nutrition, to respond to evolving market trends and consumer preferences effectively.” 

Premium personalized nutrition 
Technology, such as Nourished’s 3D printing, and digital services can accelerate personal nutrition. Snover highlights that consumers should have access to a “nutritional product that is tailored to us, rather than one made for an average.” 

“Every single person is unique. We live in contrasting environments, eat a diet of different foods, have individual goals and overall lead dissimilar lifestyles from one another.” 

The company’s personalized stacks respond to market trends and industry developments in personalized nutrition as consumers increasingly seek “bespoke nutrition, sustainability, improved ingredient quality and supply chain transparency in the stagnant nutrition industry.”  

“Our 3D-printed gummy stacks address these concerns by offering customized solutions, reducing waste and using sustainable materials — ultimately enhancing the end consumer’s overall experience.” 

Snover adds that customers can customize and change their stacks as their goals and environment change around them. Moreover, Nourished can add ingredients and quickly respond to trends and how customer needs change through its technology.

Product development process 
Snover explains that the product development process to create the seven-layer gummy, driven by the need for personalization and convenience, took 18 months. 

“The goal was to develop a manufacturing process that could produce personalized nutrient stacks containing vitamins, nutrients and superfoods targeted to people’s regimes on-demand.” 

The first personalized gummy stack was launched in the UK in January 2020 and in the US six months later. 

By Jolanda van Hal

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