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OET Speaking Role Play (Medicine): First Role Play

This video was filmed to help candidates familiarise themselves with the format of the Speaking sub-test. In this video, you will see an OET Medicine candidate and an interlocutor undertaking one of the Speaking role-plays. (Note: Please find the feedback below)

The original task card is located here on our website:

The transcript of the whole role-play is located here:

While this was filmed for educational purposes, and there is no grade given, we have feedback for this video located here:

Feedback for Sample test 1:

The candidate’s pronunciation is easy to understand, and she has a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical expression used generally accurately to communicate appropriately. She speaks fluently with only natural hesitation. She demonstrates mostly appropriate register, tone and lexis for the situation and the patient. She uses a mixture of medical and lay terms as necessary, but she should avoid using the medical term ‘anterior acute myocardial infarct’, rather than ‘heart attack’ with the patient. She clarifies the situation, reassures the patient and uses active listening and appropriate information-gathering techniques. She sequences the interview purposefully and logically.

Did you know we have a free preparation page? And that you can purchase a feedback voucher?
All of this is located on our website:

Please note: This feedback is for this candidate’s performance but includes some useful description about what has been done well and what could be improved on. You can use this description to think about your own strengths and weaknesses. For further tips to help prepare for the Speaking sub-test, please visit our website and view our Masterclass (, and blog (

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Venue courtesy: Melbourne Language Centre


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