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Omya hopes to bridge the “fiber gap” with new powder range

24 Nov 2022 — Swiss industrial mineral specialist Omya has released a new series of powdered fiber supplements, which it hopes will help close the fiber gap as most consumers are not getting enough dietary fiber on a daily basis. 

Omya’s micronized powders also offer final products to be labeled with a health or nutrition claim. 

They come in different flavors and particle densities. 

“The apple, oat and cocoa fibers are processed by micronization of sterilized dried fruit pomace and peels, grain husks or shell parts into powder with different particle sizes in order to create appropriate powder solutions for specific applications,” says Omya.

This new range offers improved branding opportunities for producers. Omya adds that  “manufacturers can also use the powders to increase the fiber content of the finished product and therefore make on-pack claims such as ‘source of fiber’ or ‘high in fiber’ if required.”

Fiber powders offer a lot of versatility in the sector, including use within the plant-based space. 

Consumers are increasingly looking for high-fiber products to enhance their gut health.Omya says its “neutral-tasting oat fibers are a versatile dietary fiber solution designed to bring natural functionality and fiber enrichment, not only to a wide range of bakery and snack solutions, but also vegan foods and nutritional beverages.”

The fiber gap
In August, various experts spoke exclusively to FoodIngredientsFirst about the importance of a high-fiber diet and the difficulties consumers have fulfilling that need.

Frederique Respondek, director of nutrition and wellness innovation at CP Kelco, was keen to flag consumer knowledge of fiber. “Awareness of the role of fiber in improving gut health is well established now. Another fast-growing area of interest is the connection between fiber, gut health and immunity,” he said.

Deanne Dick, director of fiber at ADM, stressed that “fiber is the number one ingredient consumers want to add to their diets for reasons like digestion, weight management and satiety.”

With waves of NPD in the sector, this demand for fiber is being answered. Two days ago, the Australian university RMIT announced its development of FiberX: a functional, invisible fiber supplement.

Growth in fiber market
Innova Market Insights recently highlighted various trends across fiber products. The number of indexed food and beverage launches tracked with high fiber claims has steadily increased, with a 7% annual growth from 2017 to 2021.

New product launches within fiber-rich products point to protein-rich products as the top subcategory. In 2017, the global percentage of fiber products launched also claiming to have a high source of protein was 34%. In 2021, it was 40%.

Crucial for Omya’s new powders and its ability to enable high fiber claims when used in products, high fiber claims across new products are rising. Innova spotlighted a 19% average annual growth in food and beverage launches tracked with immune health and high fiber claims (Global, CAGR 2017-2021).

One of the best new claims brands can make for their products is to attach the probiotic claim. Innova marked a 16% average annual growth in food and beverage launches that claimed both high fiber and prebiotic claims. (Global, CAGR 2017-2021).

Combining the high fiber and prebiotic claims works well in a market of consumers becoming increasingly aware of the importance of gut health.

Dick at ADM, previously talked to NutitionInsight during an industry roundtable about gut health.

“Consumers today are proactively looking for foods and beverages that can support their holistic health and wellness, and many of these consumers are increasingly aware of the connection between their gut and their overall well-being,” she flagged.

Consumers are aware of and keen to cross the fiber gap and increasing NPD within this space is adapting to answer these demands.

By James Davies

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