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One Grandma’s Triplet Surprise Reaction Goes Viral

Finding out whether baby is going to be a boy or girl is already one exciting celebration, but Nashville parents Jordan and Rachel Flom took things up a notch with a special surprise for their family—and a reaction that went viral.

The happy couple gathered all of their family together for what they thought was your typical sex reveal. With a large black balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti ready to pop, Dad seemingly had to run back inside for some scissors. But when he returned it was clear the game had changed.

Flom wasn’t holding scissors but another black balloon, representing another baby on the way! Amid gasps and yelps from family members, Jordan’s mother Lisa Flom proceeded to scream and jump up and down with excitement. “Really? No there’s not. Really? Really? Oh my god this is the best day of my whole life!!” she yelled happily. “Is this real?”

While the Floms definitely weren’t joking, they weren’t sharing it all just yet. Before the couple could pop the balloons again, another balloon appeared! TRIPLETS! And who better to help Jordan and Rachel pop that third balloon than one extremely excited Grandma-to-be of three.

With a quick pop, all of the secrets were out—three boys will be arriving in early 2024! In a post made shortly after the Floms happily announced that “God decided to take our rainbow baby and TRIPLE IT! We are still in shock, but so grateful for these three babies. It all truly feels miraculous!”

Instagram and TikTok viewers from across the world congratulated the couple on their exciting news and left many comments shouting out Grandma’s adorable reaction. ““I am officially in love with grandma-to-be! You know she is going to be such a big help,” one user wrote. “Grandma to be was just running circles and didn’t know what to do! So sweet,” added another.

“All of grandma’s dreams just came true, dreams she didn’t even know she had until that exact moment,” joked a friend, “The lady with the short blue dress… I want to tell her all my good news!”

Jordan’s mom wasn’t the only one to have her adorable triplet reaction recorded, though. Rachel also shared the surprise news with her mom. As the two sit looking over her sonogram images, Rachel asks her mom if she notices anything different.

Upon pointing out baby numbers two and three, her mom launches into quite the reaction of her own, quickly catching her breath in surprise before yelling with excitement, “Are you for real! Is this real life!!!” and clapping her hands with joy.

“The primal scream gets me every time,” joked a commenter, “bet it got those three boys too.”

Our congratulations to the Floms on their big news!

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