Optima Partners Ltd Launches BioXcelerate AI, Pioneering Health Data Science for Accelerated Drug Discovery and Clinical Development

Optima Partners Ltd Launches BioXcelerate AI, Pioneering Health Data Science for Accelerated Drug Discovery and Clinical Development 


Edinburgh, 27/11/23 – Optima Partners Ltd, a leading innovator in the field of data science and technology, proudly announces the launch of BioXcelerate AI, a groundbreaking division dedicated to Health Data Science. With a mission to unlock research-driven insights in drug discovery and clinical development, BioXcelerate AI is poised to transform the landscape of biomedical advancements. 


At the heart of BioXcelerate AI is a team of highly skilled mathematicians and data scientists, leveraging their academic expertise to apply cutting-edge statistics, machine learning, and software engineering. This dedicated team is committed to enabling clients to accelerate the drug development process, generate evidence to support the drug discovery and development pipeline, and establish efficient result visualisation and interpretation infrastructure. 


“Our vision shapes our offerings, depicting a world where advances in health data science enable significant biomedical return on investment, accelerating time to insight and helping benefit both clients and humanity,” said Chris Foley PhD, Managing Director, and Chief Scientist at BioXcelerate AI. “The division is strategically aligned to meet the pressing demands of global pharmaceutical leaders and emerging biotech companies.” 


Collaborating with a diverse spectrum of clients, spanning biotech start-ups to established blue-chip companies, BioXcelerate AI stands out by tailoring solutions to meet clients’ unique needs and computational infrastructure, expediting the journey to critical healthcare insights. Skilfully orchestrating proprietary SaaS technology, the division constructs fully bespoke, end-to-end solutions that precisely align with clients’ objectives, empowering them to make data-driven decisions with confidence and clarity.  


“In an era where precision and efficiency are paramount in healthcare, BioXcelerate AI is positioned to be a game-changer,” added Alan Crawley, CEO, Optima Partners. “We believe that by facilitating faster, more informed decision-making, we can contribute to the advancement of medical science and improve patient outcomes.” 


Optima Partners is already synonymous with excellence in the realm of data science and business consultancy. With a dedicated commitment to fostering insight and innovation led transformation for large consumer brands, the company has invested significantly in state-of-the-art data science and engineering.  In the last two years Optima Partners has built an Advanced Data Practice and in 2022, Optima Partners secured investment from BGF, fuelling accelerated growth and solidifying its position in the industry. The introduction of BioXcelerate AI stands as a transformative milestone in the company’s journey. 


For media enquiries, please contact: Leanne Gunn, Head of Marketing, leanne.gunn@optimapartners.co.uk

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